KEMANKEŞ Mini Intelligent Cruise Missile

General Information

KEMANKEŞ is a mini intelligent cruise missile developed nationally and originally by Baykar to be operationalized against strategic objectives. KEMANKEŞ's name derives from Turkish archers in history who struck their targets with complete accuracy even in the most challenging conditions. 

Baykar's nationally and originally developed UCAVs, Bayraktar AKINCI, Bayraktar TB2, and Bayraktar TB3, are fit to be equipped with KEMANKEŞ. The mini intelligent cruise missile operates autonomously with an artificial intelligence-supported autopilot system, has an endurance of 1 hour, and its jet engine expands its effectiveness against critical targets behind enemy lines.

The Artificial Intelligence Assisted Optical Guidance System delivers the ability to identify and engage targets with pinpoint accuracy, even under challenging conditions. Moreover, KEMANKEŞ is able to operate during the day and night and is durable against any attempts of electronic jamming due to its Anti-jamming capabilities.

KEMANKEŞ conducts all line-of-sight communications over the mian unmanned platform it is attached to. Accordingly, it can transmit telemetry data and video to the ground control station through the attached main platform.

Basic flight performance criteria
  • 0.7 Mach (720 km/h) Max Speed
  • Jet Engine
  • 0.3 Mach (360km/h) Cruise Speed
  • 18.000 Feet Operational Altitude
  • 1 Hour Endurance
  • EO Camera
  • 1.73 Meters Length
  • 0.4 Meters Hight
  • 1.25 Meters Wingspan
  • 30 Kilogram Weight
  • 6 Kilogram Payload Capacity
  • 200 km+ Operation Range
Camera System
  • 2-Axis Stabilization
  • Range Up To 2.8 Kilometer Laser Range Finder
  • 59.13°-1.10°(h) Field of View
  • 36x Optical Zoom

From Prototype to Reality

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KEMANKEŞ Mini Intelligent Cruise Missile

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