Life in Baykar

We want smiles to never fade on the faces of our colleagues.

Özdemir Bayraktar National Technology Center, the main campus of Türkiye's high-tech unmanned systems developer Baykar, is a facility assembled on a 200,000 m2 plot fitted with the best social amenities in the world.

The R&D and Design Center and the production, mechanical, and electronic integration stations are installed together within the campus. The well-established harmony between 13 engineering disciplines in our 58,000 m2 R&D and Design Center boosts our success. The ideas developed in the R&D center are carried to our production and integration facilities, consisting of a 100,000 m2 closed area.

At Baykar, we are committed to preserving the smile of our colleagues.

Therefore, our campus has facilities that will offer opportunities for socializing and spending quality time. Baykar takes utmost pride in prioritizing the well-being of its team.

Our R&D and Design Center hosts a prayer room, conference hall, screening room, two indoor pools, Turkish bath, sauna, spa, and fitness center. Additionally, our center offers activities such as table tennis, air hockey, billiard, and foosball so our teammates can spend their spare time. 

To ensure the comfort of our colleagues with kids, our facility also accommodates a kindergarten. We also have a museum for kids on our campus. In the meantime, the R&D and Design Center has 45 rooms with a capacity of 70 to host guests and fulfill the accommodation needs of our colleagues.

We give utmost care to supplying healthy meals and nutrition alternatives to our team on our campus. Accordingly, our campus has two cafeterias and a modern designed dining hall that has a capacity of 670 people and can serve up to 4000 meals a day.
To provide an environment where our teammates can relax and spend their spare time in nature, we have formed the Baykar Park. The park is established on 24.000 m² land and offers a mini football field, a basketball court, and a multi-purpose field that serves both for playing tennis and volleyball. Moreover, 1798 m², 1319 m² jogging track, 285m² tartan running track, 191 m² children's playground, and dressing rooms for our colleagues and their families are located over our park.

In addition, Özdemir Bayraktar National Technology Center has a 22.000 m2 parking lot that can host up to 440 vehicles.


As Baykar, a developer and manufacturer of Turkey's high-tech unmanned systems, we always support a happier and more peaceful working environment.

Baykar is beautiful with you…