General Information

The Bayraktar TB3 UCAV is an armed unmanned aerial vehicle system, currently being developed indigenously by Baykar and capable of takeoff and landing on short runway aircraft carriers. Besides reconnaissance/surveillance and intelligence missions, the Bayraktar TB3 UCAV can launch an assault operation with the smart munitions stationed under its wings.

The Bayraktar TB3 can conduct armed operations overseas due in part to custom capabilities, like foldable wings that enable use on aircraft carriers.

The Bayraktar TB3 can be operated from very remote distances thanks to its Line-Of-Sight and Beyond-Line-Of-Sight communications capabilities.

Basic flight performance criteria
  • 8.35 Meter Length
  • 14 Meters Wingspan
  • 1450 Kilograms Maximum Take Off Weight
  • 125 knots-160 knots Cruise Speed – Maximum Speed
  • 280 Kilograms Payload Capacity
  • 24+ Hours Endurance
Advanced Features
  • Fully Autonomous Take Off and Landing
  • LOS and BLOS
  • Take Off and Landing Capability from Short-Runway Aircraft Carriers


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