2 Axis Gimbal Camera
4,000 Feet Maximum Altitude
15 Kilometer Communication Range
120 Minutes Hover
Max Altitude 4.000 Feet
Mini UAV

General Information

Bayraktar Mini UAV System has been developed as Turkey's first mini-robot system which is completely original with national electronics, software and structural components of the aircraft. The system, which was developed with the hard work and effort of our R & D team, passed all the tests successfully and was first put into service of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2007. Mini UAV System, which has many advanced features compared to its competitors developed in foreign countries, can be used even under difficult geographical and meteorological conditions.

First National Aircraft System entered into the inventory of our Armed Forces
A reliable and efficient system with over 100,000 operational flight sorties to date
Fully National and Original Design
First Aircraft exported

Basic flight performance criteria
  • Modular Design
  • Easy Assembly Feature
  • Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Composite Construction
  • Shock Absorber Body Structure
  • Original Parachute Design
  • Portable Structure in a Portable Bag
  • Fuselage, Multi-Part Wing Structure, Tail Wings
Advanced Features
  • Automatic Target Point Tracking
  • Automatic Overhead Landing / Automatic Parachute Landing
  • Joystick Assisted Semi-Automatic Flight
  • Stall Speed Control Capability
  • Spin Control Feature in Hard and Blow Windy Weather
  • Reliable Digital Communication System
  • Automatic Return to Home and Automatic Landing in Case of Communication Loss
  • Multiple UAV Command / Control / Tracking Support
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Remote Command Control and Monitoring Function (Client Server Architecture)
  • Ability to Change Ground Control Station
  • Auto Takeoff and Cruise

Technical Specifications

  • Communication Range 15 km
  • Travel - Maximum Speed 30 knots - 40 knots
  • Wingspan 2 mt.
  • Length 1.2 mt.
  • Takeoff and Landing Handshot (Automatic Takeoff) On Body (Automatic)
  • Operational Altitude 2000 feet
  • Payload Capacity 2 Axis Day / Night Camera
  • Payload - ISR Interchangeable Day & Night Cameras
  • Thrust Type Brushless Electric Motor
  • Endurance 100-120 Min.

From Prototype to Reality

before after
Ground Control Station
  • Practical Use
  • Operating Temperature / -20 °C – +60 °C
  • Internal Antenna - 10 Km Communication Range
  • OYAS System - 20 Km Communication Range
  • 3 Battery Charge Capability at the Same Time
  • Portable Plastic Bag Structure
  • 2 Low Current Chargers, 1 High Current Charger, 1 Transformer
  • Dashboards
  • 220V AC, 12V DC Input Possibility
  • Dimensions - 17 x 35 x 43 cm
  • Weight - 9.9 kg

Ground Control Station

Bayraktar Mini UAV system, which is one of the most important features of security forces, is capable of easy installation, easy flight in all weather conditions and ability to land safely in difficult terrain after duty. Monitoring and managing tasks from the ground control station, enhanced production features, installation unaffected by weather conditions and ease of transportation with its lightweight structure are the most prominent features that distinguish it from other UAV systems.

Mini UAV

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