selçuk bayraktar

selçuk bayraktar

Turkish combat drone Bayraktar Akinci B successfully tested

Turkish major unmanned aerial vehicle producer, Baykar, successfully tested a new model combat drone, Bayraktar Akinci B, on Tuesday.

"Bayraktar Akinci B met the sky!" Baykar said on Twitter,

While the previous model, Akinci A, has 900-horsepower (hp), the new model has 1,500-hp via two 750-hp engines.

Baykar’s chief technology officer Selcuk Bayraktar said Akinci B is the most powerful and combat-capable armed UAV in its class in the world.

General manager Haluk Bayraktar said Baykar completed export agreements with two countries.

After Akinci B, 1,900-hp Akinci C model will soon be in the skies, he added.

Source : Anadolu Agency