Figther UAV

Since the introduction of the first manned aircraft, air vehicles have been used extensively both for civilian and military purposes. Warplanes have evolved to operate with important features such as high maneuverability, advanced electronic systems, low visibility on radar and payload capacities. Unmanned aerial vehicles, which emerged in recent years and showed that they can cover the duties of manned warplanes and replace them, are being used by security forces for reconnaissance-surveillance and combat purposes. Considering the statements of global public opinion and defense experts, it is expected that the conventional warplanes which are currently being developed will be the last manned fighter aircrafts. Therefore, in the new era, it is expected that the air force models will be entrusted to unmanned aerial systems over time.

Baykar has reached the mature industry levels and continues its efforts even by going beyond the global benchmarks. We are striving for being the leader and the top innovative company in the industry. Arming and enabling Bayraktar TB2 UAVs with combat capabilities, which are currently being used at different locations around the world in real operational situations, can be seen as the first step towards the development of figther UAV technologies. Akinci figther unmanned aerial vehicle, which is also being developed by Baykar, takes its place as an important milestone on the path to the unmanned combat aerial vehicles.