2021 - 2022 Internship Period (Select the internship period you want to apply for)

( September 2021 - January 2022 )
(The application process has been completed.)

February - June 2022

Applications will begin in January.

Students applying for internships are kindly requested to carefully read the criteria and application process below:

We have many engineers and technicians who do their internships within our company and continue full-time after graduation. Our company considers internship not as a routine process that needs to be completed for university students, but as a process in which the theoretical infrastructure is equipped with practical studies, and the knowledge learned through the creation of real project experience is transformed into a usable knowledge and then a product.

For this reason, candidates who apply for internship are carefully examined and candidates who prefer to learn the internship period by working in an intense engineering environment are selected.

The basic qualifications that the candidates applying for internship should have;
- Believing in the importance of national and original development of a technology of critical importance for our country, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
- Willing to work in a team spirit in the field of aviation where engineering is applied at the most advanced level
- Will show determination, effort and sacrifice for the success of the projects carried out
- Available to work in a busy work schedule

Application Process:

Summer internship period in our company is at least 7 weeks. Our internships during the semester are evaluated within the scope of the compulsory internship days determined by the schools. It is preferable that the trainee candidates will carry out their graduation studies on a subject parallel to the studies they carried out during the internship period.

Required information for application:
• CV
• Transcript
• Detailed pre-application letter regarding the fields of study, career goals and dreams for which the internship is requested.
• After the applications are evaluated by our company's R&D team, the candidates who are found suitable will be contacted and interviewed. An internship invitation letter will be sent to the candidates who are found suitable for internship as a result of the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions - Internship

To make an internship application to our company, you need to follow our website Our summer internship program is available on our website between January and March annually. Our trainee candidates can access the "Internship Applications" field by clicking the "Career" button on our website. Your internship application is complete upon selecting the unit you will apply for on our internship application page, filling in the information in the application form, uploading the relevant documents (CV, Transcript and Cover Letter) and clicking the "Submit" button. You can apply for the summer internship program only through our website. Applications by mail are not accepted.

You can send an e-mail to our [email protected] e-mail address to apply for a semester internship at our company. It will be sufficient to submit your CV, Transcript, and Cover letter with your Turkish Republic ID number between October-November for the Fall semester and between January-February for the Spring semester. Among the internship applications during the semester, only the applications of the candidates whose internships are compulsory will be evaluated.

A volunteer internship is a type of internship that you do with your own will and desire, for which your school does not cover your insurance. A compulsory internship is an internship insured by your school and stipulated by your department to graduate.

Our trainee candidates who want to do an internship at our company during the summer period can only apply to one unit/department within one internship period. If an application is made again with the same Turkish Republic ID number, the system will not accept this application. Applications of candidates with incorrect Turkish Republic ID numbers will not be accepted.

Candidates who will do their internship voluntarily can write the periods determined by their institution for that year in the relevant field. Candidates whose internship is compulsory should also indicate to us the number of compulsory internship days determined by their school if their internship period is longer or shorter than the period determined by our company. Candidates whose internship period is shorter than the number of days we have determined can terminate their internship if they wish after completing their compulsory internship period. Candidates whose internship period is longer than the number of days we have determined are evaluated separately.

We can hold a make-up exam for those candidates who cannot be on board due to force majeure. However, we adjust make-up exams according to the available quotas and give no guarantee to the candidates in this regard.

If you forget to fill out the Candidate Information Form during the exam, your exam will not be considered invalid. However, candidates who receive an invitation to the exam must first fill out the Candidate Information Form and start their exams upon completing the form.

The students, who study at vocational and technical high schools, can apply to do their compulsory internship at our company.